Family Boatbuilding Kitsets

Family Boatbuilding Kitsets which have been designed by Robert Brooke, are available for purchase through the New Zealand Traditional Boatbuilding School. There are four designs to choose from:

Classic Pram style dinghy, length 2.6 metres, beam 1.22 metres

Canoe, length 3.7 metres, beam 0.8 metres

Classic Dory style dinghy, length 3.4 metres, beam 1.48 metre

Long row boat, length 4.3 metres, beam 1.1 metres

All these boat kitsets use high quality marine plywood and timber specifically selected for use in the marine environment. They are put together by the old but proven stitch and tape method which has been refined during the design and building process. All the necessary materials are supplied in the kitset to form your particular choice of boat.

Optional extras are available for sailing and outboard applications.

For all enquiries and prices please contact the School.

Muscle power on the Mussel

Dee & Max rowing

from left cockle,pipi,oyster