Nimble Q8

The original Nimble was designed by Des Townson and built by John Peat in 1954. The unrestricted Q class commission from Peat was Des Townsons first design commission. 
Caption: Nimble seen here being sailed by Brian Peet and Holly Novis at the Glendowie Boating Club 60th anniversary function.

The boat was also the highest scoring New Zealand competitor in the first interdominion 12 foot skiff championship sailed by Don Brooke and Denis Lindsay at Sydney.

was Des Townson's #6 and directly lead to the successful Zephyr then Mistral classes. Nimble was an innovative boat in 1954, being of light construction, with a small but efficient rig, fine ends and an easily driven hull. The forestay was an alloy spar with roller furling utilizing war surplus parachute turn buckles. The original boat survived till the mid 1990's when the Kahikatea hull finally rotted away and the boat ended up at the Whitford tip.

Caption: This replica was built at the New Zealand Traditional Boatbuilding School by Robert Brooke to commemorate the 50th sailing of the interdominion championships in January 2010.
The sails were supplied by Fyfe Sails and project support from Neil Kennedy.