Family Boatbuilding

This is a new venture for the NZ Traditional Boatbuilding School.

The objective of ‘Family Boatbuilding’, is to provide an opportunity for families to come together and work as a team on a project.

Men at work

The benefits of this project are multiple, but first and foremost is the time spent together as a family and as a team on a fun project, adding a dimension to family life often missing in today’s busy family.

‘Family Boatbuilding’ presents an opportunity to work together in a field usually left to the experts and to meet and work alongside other families.

The ‘Family Boatbuilding’ experience has the added bonus of having a tangible outcome; a boat of choice that can be used by all the family.

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Excerpt from Wooden Boat Magazine - The Boatbuilding Process

All you need to build a boat with your family or group is dedication—to the project and to each other. However, we can guarantee that no matter what kind of boat you'll be constructing, you’ll need no previous carpentry experience. You will be provided with either kitsets or pre-cut parts that you can assemble in two to three days’ time. Instructors will be present to guide you through the entire process. Prior to starting construction, you will be informed of a small variety of tools to bring with you. Expect your time at Family Boatbuilding to be spent sanding, hammering nails, and/or applying epoxy or other adhesives. Boatbuilding is a team effort! There will be special tasks for each member of your family or group. Family members develop a strong sense of pride in each other as they see the value of each person’s contribution to the construction of a boat. From school-age children to grandparents, everyone can help in the building process. At the conclusion of the event, participants launch their new boats for their first adventure on the water!

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