The Zephyr: An Oldie But a Goodie

1The Classic Zephyr, designed in the 1950’s by the late Des Townson is still very much a competitive centreboard boat for today’s sailor. National Regatta’s continue to pull the numbers, so the demand is ever present for new hulls to be made. Currently Number 529 is on the mold having veneers applied for its second skin.


Robert Brooke, one of the original founding Trustees of the NZ Traditional Boat Building School has the licence to build these hulls. Under his direction, our in house boat builder Mark Robinson is doing the building to Stage One. This level includes the bulk heads, centre case and mast step, requiring just the deck to be applied. So often, the sailor likes to have input at this stage with the finishing, ensuring that the design pattern of the deck is unique to their boat yet still within the confines of the class requirements.


Much time is spent in the preparation of the veneers; exacting the fit is imperative for an integral skin whilst the laminating of veneers without voids is a long but necessary process involving thousands of staples which all have to be removed once the glue has gone off.

All new hulls are available for purchase through the
Zephyr Owners Association of NZ.