Open Day at the NZTBS

New Zealand has a rich Maritime history born from the early settlers that immigrated to our fair shores. It is a history that continues to be added to from the comprehensive Marine Industry sector that has evolved over the years. As New Zealanders we clearly appreciate and enjoy what our surrounding waters can provide; a source of food, a key component for a myriad of sporting events and a source of income for our country. Our position globally requires us to utilize the surrounding seas as a key vehicle in transportation both to and from New Zealand.

Therefore, it is understandable that boats continue to play a big part of the New Zealand’s lifestyle and economy. From preserving the old to making the new, boats are here to stay.


At the New Zealand Traditional Boatbuilding School, we focus on the preservation of wooden boats and the skill set required to do so. Boat building methods have changed over time; however our boats of old require the skills of old to maintain them. So it is here that students have the opportunity to build boats using traditional materials, traditional designs and even traditional tools if required. Despite the traditions, modern tools play an integral role in the building of boats, reducing both build time and ease of build.

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