Boatbuilding Projects Making Moves

Hobbyists continue to make great progress with their individual boatbuilding projects. At the end of 2012 we saw a number of near completed dinghies head out the workshop for their final touches at home, before being launched in and around the Waitemata.

Some of these projects have taken their owners a great deal of time and effort especially as more often than not the dinghies built, were their very first boat build. The learning process involved in boat building proves to be greatly different from typical woodworking due to the need to bend and shape wood. The different characteristics of timber, plays a huge role in choice of timber for particular parts of the building process.

As initial boat builds can be challenging, all those hobbyists who have completed a build, unanimously agree that the next project would not present with so many challenges. Learning the boat building process and the nuances that come with having to problem solve when mistakes are made or when things don’t always go to plan, makes it easier the second time round as problems can be anticipated and prevented even if the design is different. All those new skills and wood working techniques learned will be an asset for any future building projects.


A near complete Sunburst going home.


Restoration project making great progress after new ribs and copper rivets in place.


Setting up of the jig accurately is imperative in any new build.