Corona Relaunched

After many hours of work, from a dedicated team of volunteers headed by Ian McRobie and Robert Brooke, the totally restored 1936 Classic Mullet Boat was re-launched onto the Waitemata Harbour on 12th March 2011.

The day was perfect despite the threat of a Tsunami, with clear skies and light winds and the warmth of a late summer day. The Hobsonville Boat Ramp, a fitting venue of such an event, was thickly crowded with people nostalgic with the classic boats of yesteryear. And
Corona was surely a classic that would endear many to the form and lines of a great sail boat.

After speeches from Robert Brooke Ian McRobie and our Patron John Street, the launching process began. With the tidal stream being so strong, combined with a fairly shallow entry point, timing was everything to ensure getting this good lady floating. Back up vessels were at the ready to assist, with
Linda, another classic restored by Robert Brooke, not too far away. She got brought into play when Corona’s cradle lay firmly on the sea floor yet the water level was too low to help her float. A tow rope, a lot of engine power plus a few hefty men pushing from the bow saw her do the right thing.

After being brought around to the wharf, the balance of the 2 ½ ton of lead ballast was loaded by the great team of Army Trainees local to the community here in Hobsonville. A few minor adjustments were then made, the sails hauled up and she was off for her first sail for an age. And did she look good? Absolutely!

She brought tears to many an eye, who had been part of this very special day, whether it be in her restoration or her sailing history. It was a fine moment for all those involved, and for the longevity of the Classic Boats of New Zealand.